Nectar Mattress Review

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There’s no doubt about it that memory foam mattresses are very comfortable, thanks to their slow-moving softness and excellent pressure relief. One such mattress which has gained popularity on this side of the Atlantic is the Nectar mattress UK edition. It takes advantage of advanced technology and years of experience to create a stellar sleeping surface.

The mattress packs a soft memory foam top thick layer, which always results in an unmatched softness, deep pressure relief, and slight sinkage. The addition of cooling gel aims at ensuring the continuous dissipation of heat through the night.

Now, the question is, is this mattress right for you?

The Nectar memory foam mattress has a medium firmness, and its layers are contouring. These features may not be right for all types of people. Without making a rash decision, let’s look at the product details in the below Nectar mattress review.

Mattress In Summary

If you fall into either of the below, you’ll most likely enjoy this mattress the most:

  • Individuals who weigh between 1 and 20 stones– the mattress is designed from high-density foam.
  • People in need of good pressure relief, support, and comfort.
  • Back and side sleepers of light and midrange weight.
  • People looking for a mattress that is good at motion isolation.
  • Those preferring the slow-motion movement of memory foam, and those who love a soft feel.
  • Budget-minded customers looking for good value for money.

The Nectar mattress might not be great for the following people:

  • Individuals who sweat much during the night – it’s an all-foam mattress. This, coupled with significant sinkage, can trap body heat, making it somewhat uncomfortable during summer nights.
  • Some categories of lightweight people might find this mattress a little too firm, which might be a bit uncomfortable.
  • Those who like sleeping “on” rather than “in” the mattress. Simply put, if you dislike the “hugging feel” of memory foam, Nectar isn’t a great choice for you.
  • Nectar mattresses don’t have much bounce or high degree responsiveness. So if you often switch positions at night, you might feel a “stuck in” feeling, especially if you are overweight.
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Nectar Mattress –Parts/Layers

nectar mattress uk

Nectar Sleep UK have chosen to make their latest model an all-foam mattress. It is 11-inch deep, which meets the average industry standard thickness for this type of bed and at this price point. The mattress features three layers of memory foam. Here’s the composition:

The Cover

It has a quilted cover. Now, this layer features 1-inch thick quilting of memory foam. The memory foam confers some plushness to this cover. When you lay on this mattress, you’ll immediately feel some comfort.

The impressive thing is that the memory foam is gel-infused and has a semi-open structure, which reduces memory foam’s tendency to trap heat. Thus, Nectar Sleep UK calls it an adaptive cooling cover.

Keep in mind, the material is Tencel, which is breathable and allows air circulation into the mattress. While the cover is removable, Nectar Sleep advises against such an action. When it gets dirty, you can spot clean using a mild detergent.

Comfort Layer

This section is designed from gel-infused memory foam. It is 3 inches thick and has an extremely slow response to pressure. The real picture is; when you lay on this bed, you’ll deeply sink into the surface. Additionally, you’ll feel the material contouring to your body shape for ultimate pressure relief at the hips and shoulders. The gel-infusion into this foam is meant to mitigate overheating, a common problem with most memory foam beds.

Transition Layer

The transition layer is designed from Adaptive Hi-Core memory foam and is 1.75-inch thick. The material used for this layer is slightly thicker than those found in the above layers. This is to offer support for users.

Another notable thing about this section is that it responds a little faster to pressure than the layers above it. This gives it a little bounce – combo sleepers might find it handy while switching positions. While this part eases you into a firmer base, it also helps extend the comfort, allowing the memory foam to contour much deeper into the mattress.

The Base

The base in Nectar mattresses are a vital part of the support core. This foundation is designed from a high-density polyfoam of 2.2 PCF. Such properties lend well to durability. The base is 5.25 inches thick and offers stable support for the upperparts. Besides, the high-density polyfoam gives shape to the bed.

Nectar Mattress Feel

nectar sleep uk

According to Nectar Sleep, the mattress has a relatively soft feel –to touch. Again, the manufacturer rates its firmness at 6.0, which is the right firmness for most users, i.e., a medium feel, but more towards the firm end of the spectrum.

However, this feature varies greatly with weight. An 18 stone individual and 10 stone individual will find this mattress to be entirely different. All in all, testers rate their new mattress between 6 and 7 on a firmness scale (1 – 10).

Remember, the Nectar mattress has a hugging feel. So the manufacturer decided to stabilize the bed to reduce the tendency of feeling stuck in the mattress.

Many customers report that Nectar mattresses are super gentle on initial impact, which is attributed to its top layer, which comes with considerable sinkage and body contouring. That only means you have a feeling of sleeping “in” but not “on top” of the mattress. If you strictly sleep on your side or you require pressure relief, this might be a great place to begin.

But there’s some sad news for combo and stomach sleepers –the mattress doesn’t respond very fast to allow quick position switching. This isn’t a deal-breaker in our opinion but is worth noting.

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Mattress Performance

nectar mattress

How does the Nectar mattress perform when you sleep? Let’s check out the different aspects in detail:

Pressure Relief

A mattress without great pressure relieving property can cause much pain in the long run. So it is vital to look at this feature critically.

The body has sensitive spots, notably the hips, lower back, and shoulder. These parts require a softer resting place yet should be very supportive. Such surfaces can rightly alleviate tension at this point. Pressure relief performance varies with sleeper types and sleeping positions. Let’s take a closer look:

Back Sleepers

When you lay on your back, you’ll experience pleasurable pressure relief at the lower back region and the shoulders. The result of this? A really cosy sink that you’ll love. But here is the catch:

The more you stay in this position, the more the hips sink. This puts them out of alignment with the shoulders. So this mattress might not be the best option for heavy people or strict back sleepers. If you weigh circa 20 stone and above, perhaps check our top 10 reviews of the best mattress for heavy people. Lightweight and average-weight individuals won’t have any issues.

Side Sleepers

Perhaps this is the category of customer who will find a Nectar mattress most ideal for their slumber style. The top layer is thick memory foam, which offers plenty of allowance for sinking. It is the sinking into the layers that provide deep pressure relief – at hips and shoulders. In turn, this prevents painful “jamming” you might get from a firmer bed.

If you are lightweight or perhaps less than 10 stones, you might not sink deep into the mattress. Thus, a little different experience. All in all, we’d say it’s an excellent mattress for side sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers

The initial experience when you lay on your belly is the softness of the mattress and comfortable sinkage. However, mainly for heavy people, hips will “give” more than your shoulders. This out of alignment between your shoulder and hips might cause aches or really accelerate those you already have. Therefore, if you are a strict stomach sleeper and weigh a lot, you should consider getting a mattress that is a little bit firmer. Medium and lightweight stomach sleepers should have no issues here.

Combination Sleepers

The Nectar memory foam mattress is ideal for all slumber positions – but this depends on your weight and the position you spend most time sleeping. This is more so for stomach sleepers – Nectar can only be comfortable for average-weight and lightweight combination sleepers.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer means detectable movements on the mattress from one side to the other. This is a common concern in people having bedmates – a child, pet, or human partner.

Memory foam is excellent at dampening motion generated from one side of the bed. So expect Nectar mattress to do the same. Typically, your bed mate’s movement won’t be a bother as you comfortably sleep.

Responsiveness and Bounce

Bounce and responsiveness aren’t strong points of the Nectar mattress. That translates to some a “stuck in” experience. Essentially, the mattress hugs and conforms to your body. That makes it less responsive than spring mattresses or firmer memory foam options. The contouring feature results in a lack of bounce, making it a little challenging to move around the bed.

Temperature Regulation

The structure of the Nectar mattress reveals a semi-open structure on the upper two layers. Besides, the foam has an infusion of cooling gel, and the cover is breathable. These aim at dissipating heat away from the mattress to keep the sleepers cool all night. Most users report little heat build-up. Now the slight conformation of the comfort layer may make the mattress trap more heat. This might not sit well with hot sleepers.

Edge Support

Though an all-foam mattress, the Nectar mattress performs extremely well in this area and is highly admired for its stronger edges. The firmness of the bed doesn’t decrease towards the edges. So when you lay on edge, you won’t have a feeling of falling off.

Other Important Features

nectar bed

Bed Compatibility

The mattress is compatible with all bed frames i.e., ottomans, adjustable beds, divan, and platform beds, making it a perfect candidate for those wishing to keep their existing bed.

Certipur certified

The viscoelastic foam is certified safe for the environment and humans (and pets). 

Made In The UK

While this may not be important for some, it is for others. A mattress made in the UK means it will undergo thorough testing. Additionally, the Nectar Mattress UK is Good Housekeeping Institute & Ideal Home Approved 2020.


Nectar Sleep offers a 10 year warranty with their mattress. Now, this is about right for a mattress of this price and quality. Most mattresses should be replaced within 10 years, so this period of warranty is fine in our opinion.


You’ll get free shipping (depending on the merchant) and the new mattress will be delivered in a box i.e., vacuum sealed and rolled, packed into a large cardboard box. Delivery times can differ based on your postcode.

Time To Use

The time to use means how long you have to wait before the mattress fully expands into shape, allowing you to sleep on it. Nectar Sleep UK claims it will get to full size within 5 hours. This should be the same, regardless of whether it’s a Single or King size.

Bottom Line

The standout point for Nectar is its medium firmness, making it ideal for most types of person and sleeping position. This is a particularly valuable quality for side sleepers and folks in need of pressure relief. Heavier stomach sleepers may not find this mattress suitable due to waist sliding out of alignment.

Overall, if you aren’t looking for something bouncy, or you need decent edge support, motion isolation, and moderate temperature regulation, Nectar might just be the right buy for you.

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