What To Do With An Old Mattress

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While there is nothing better than laying on top of your favourite mattress after a long, bustling day, over time, this comfort ends. But, how do you know when it is time to replace your current bed and how do you dispose of an old mattress?

How Long Do Mattresses Last?

The lifespan of most mattresses will differ depending on several factors and characteristics. These include:

  • Quality of materials
  • Type of material
  • How well it is maintained
  • Body size of the sleeper
  • The frequency of sleeper on the bed

On average, most high-quality products will last approximately seven to 10 years before they begin to lose their support. Spring and memory foam products generally last this long.

If you want your bed to last longer than the average, you should consider buying a latex product. These beds have an average lifespan of 15 years before the entire product should be replaced. More budget-friendly options such as a futon or inflatable air bed will generally only last for five years before a replacement is needed.

How To Dispose Of Mattress

How to get rid of a mattress

Once your bed has met the end of its life, how do you dispose of it? There are actually several things you can do to get rid of a mattress in the UK. Some of these are very simple and fast, while others may require a little more effort.

Contact The Local Council

Many local councils in the UK offer old mattress disposal services for large products that overwhelm the landfills such as mattresses. By contacting your local council and arranging for pickup of your bed, it can save you a significant amount of time and effort getting such a large and bulky item to the desired location. However, most of these councils charge large fees for this collection service and you will find very few councils that offer free bulk disposal services. Contact your local council and be prepared for the fees associated with the service.

Can You Take A Mattress To The Tip?

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get rid of an old mattress is to take your mattress to the tip. This simply requires loading the used item in a vehicle and dropping it off. Unfortunately, this is not the most environmentally-friendly option, and you will need a vehicle large enough to haul the item. If the mattress is worn down, you can consider rolling it up or bending it to fit inside the vehicle more easily.

If you do not own a vehicle or have the time to take the mattress to the tip yourself then you can try a company named Tiptapp. Active in London and the South East of England it offers a cost-effective service where you take a picture, decide how much to pay and unwanted items get picked up within a defined timeslot on the same or next day. If you are lucky, the mattress will be picked up for free but typically expect to pay £30 to remove a used mattress. Payments are only taken once Tiptapp has made sure that the mattress is at the tip. To give it a try visit the Tiptapp website.

Purchase Disposal Services

Some furniture stores and mattress companies offer their own disposal services. This means that they will pick up any old furniture from your home when they drop off the replacement. When you choose this option, you won’t have any old beds lying around your home, waiting to be taken to the local recycling centre or the tip. However, keep in mind that these services are not always free. Many companies will include disposal fees in the purchase of your new product. This option may save you a substantial amount of time and stress, but it will affect your bank account.

Haul To A Recycling Centre

Statistics show that more than 7.5 million mattresses are thrown away every year. This large number of items could fill Wembley Stadium approximately five times. To help save the environment and make a difference in the world, take your old bed to a recycling centre rather than the local tip. When at these recycling facilities, the mattresses will be torn apart, and the materials will be used and remade for various new products. For example, the springs can be melted down and used for metal parts, and the foam can be recycled into carpet padding. Mattress recycling in the UK is becoming a more simple and recommended method for old mattress disposal.

Here’s an interesting video about what happens at a mattress recycling centre:

Donate The Mattress

If you are wondering how to get rid of a mattress for free, and if the item still offers some support to sleepers, you may consider simply donating the bed. There are many individuals who simply cannot afford a new product and could use the added comfort that this donated item provides.

Additionally, check with local charities, churches, shelters, and other organisations that assist those in need. Proper bedding, including mattresses, is something many of these places lack but do not have the funds to purchase themselves. In some cases, these organisations will also pick up the item for you, making the donation processes even more accessible.

In addition to contacting local charities and church groups, post your offer online using social media, online selling forums, etc. Ensure the individuals looking at your post understand the product is for free and you are willing to donate it – not sell it. When choosing this disposal option, be prepared as it may take several days before you receive any response and you may have a mattress taking up space in your home.


If your bed is in decent condition, donating isn’t the only option available. You can also choose to sell your mattress and earn a little extra income from the sale. By word of mouth, social media, online sales, and other mediums, you can advertise and promote the sale of your item. However, before your price your product, do your research and look at the prices other individuals are selling their used mattresses. If you overprice the item, you will have a difficult time selling, but if you price it too low, you will not make the money you deserve.


Pile of old mattresses

As you contemplate what to do with your used bed, consider all your options. Mattress removal can be difficult, time-consuming, and stressful if you don’t have the time or the resources to make it happen. But, by hiring someone to take care of the item for you, it can be expensive. Use the above ideas to help you come up with the right method for old mattress disposal and then, sleep tight and enjoy your new bed.

13 Responses

  1. I have an old mattress with plenty life in it, just badly stained on 1 side; it needs steam cleaned. It’s in the spare bedroom but would love for someone take it

  2. I’d like to donate a double mattress it’s only four years old. It’s very clean and the fire retardant tag still on.

  3. Hi I have a super king size mattress medium hardly slept on because of bad back.. free for anyone that’s interested.

  4. I have a mattress but due to me and the wife’s rampant sex life some of the springs have gone, its only 8 months old and cost £1500 so apart from the middle bit its ok !

  5. I have a single good quality but stained single mattress. Terrace house with no front garden so mattress needs to be collected from back garden storage shed

  6. I have a double mattress still have more support to sleep, good condition. I would like to donate

  7. I have a queen size mattress for free, with fire label. Fareham, Hampshire. This of any use to anyone?

  8. I have a a queen size and a double mattresses I need to get rid of on 6 October. I’m in Watford, Hertfordshire if it can be of use to anyone.

  9. I have a Slumberland mattress in good condition, double. Unwanted now. Amesbury free to anyone who could use it.

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