Exploring The Woollen Bedding Products Available In The Market

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There are innumerable types of wool products available in the market which have come a long way since the introduction of the material into mainstream consumerism. You can choose one that suits your requirements based on the humidity and temperature at your place. Here we explain the different types of products available. You can easily buy any of these at your neighbourhood mattress store or online. The advantage of buying online is that you have a wider range that is usually not available in your neighbourhood. Also, several online sellers even offer free international shipping or at least at a more affordable price. Hence you can buy the best woollen products from any corner of the world.

Before you begin your shopping spree, we help you in understanding the purposes of different wool products.

Common Woollen Bedding Products

wool duvet

Wool Duvet

This is a very popular woollen product that has become a necessity for a good night’s sleep. In fact, some of the best duvets on the market are made of wool. A woollen duvet is similar to a blanket or a comforter that you use to cover yourself while sleeping. There are endless designs of cotton covers for woollen duvets. You can choose a cover depending on the theme and colour of your bedroom.

Wool Mattress Covers

These covers not only give you an extra layer of comfort but help you regulate your body temperature. Hence they are used at hospitals and rehabilitation centres to help the patients recover faster. If you want a peaceful night’s sleep then you should cover your mattress with a woollen overlay. These are also available in different colours and patterns to suit your preferences.

Wool Pillows

The biggest advantage of a woollen pillow is that you can control the amount of filling within your pillow. Some prefer fully stuffed fluffy pillows while others do not care for high pillows. The choice is yours. You can choose the filling amount to suit your sleeping preference. These are also available with pure cotton covers that you can choose depending on your preferred style. They are durable and provide you comfort for many years without getting worn out.

Wool Mattress Toppers

There are many different types of mattress toppers that range in price and material. Some of the common ones are memory foam and latex, but one which is often overlooked is the woollen mattress topper. Some of the benefits of using a woollen topper are the adaptive breathability properties they hold and also the luxurious feel that it can offer at very low prices too compared to other types.

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