How To Dispose Of A Mattress And Bed Efficiently

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There are instances when you have no other choice but to throw out an old bed and perhaps the mattress too. They might have been used for a long time or are no longer functional. At this point, your next option would have to replace it with a new one. Buying a new bed and mattress would definitely cost you a lot, but this is the only feasible choice at this point. The next question is, how do you dispose of the old bed?

You just can’t throw them both out on a dumpster. They are way too big. You also don’t want to just hand the pair out to anyone. There are ways for you to dispose efficiently.

Break down the parts

Broken bed closeup

You have to realize that the bed parts can actually be sold and recycled. Also, just because the mattress itself is unusable does not mean the rest is useless. You just have to cut down the parts and sell them. The spring, for instance, would sell at least $35. The wooden frame would also be around $50 or more depending on the condition. In short, you can still make money out of the items that you were about to throw away.

Rental is another option

If you don’t want to throw them out and you don’t want to sell either of the pair for any reason, then perhaps you can have the lot rented. You can just have someone else use it in the meantime while you are still thinking of the best possible way to use it. There are people who are willing to use the frame temporarily. The price is much lower but at least you can still use the mattress part for the future. If it’s the mattress you’re trying to get rid of, ask a friend or neighbour if they want it.

Gradually throw the parts

What to do with an old mattress

After selling or renting out the parts that are still useful, then perhaps it is time to throw the parts that can no longer be used. You can remove the cover of the mattress first and throw away the body. You can also throw out other parts that are too weak or fragile to still be used. You have to make sure though that they are no longer useful before deciding to throw them away. They should also be too small to fit in the garbage truck or else you will be charged extra for their service. The parts that have been infested by bed bugs or other insects should be disposed first. They are infectious and it is unhealthy to still have them in your house.

Legal issues

Before throwing away the mattress, you have to first understand the legalities surrounding it. If you are just a tenant, then obviously you have to ask permission from the landlord before disposing of furniture. If you own the place, you can have the mattress thrown. However, you just can’t leave the big item outside your house. You should also see to it that if there are health hazards, the item thrown away is immediately collected. Otherwise, you will get complaints from the neighbours.

5 Responses

  1. I have just purchased a new mattress online therefore meaning my old one needs to be disposed of. I am definitely into recycling everything possible.
    Can you give me information for this in the Norwich area please.

    1. Hi Alma,

      I’m not familiar with anyone specific in your area. You could try the local council, though you will most likely have to pay for collection.

  2. We have just purchased a new mattress but wanted to use the 100 day trial to see if it’s any good before disposing of thr old mattress. Do you know if there are any recycling mattress places in Bristol?

  3. Good afternoon do you know a recycling company in nottingham to come and collect and pick up my mattress? I have one to recycle in Nottingham as the council not doing it for now because of the virus. Please let me know thank you

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